The Bristol & Bath Tennis Club was founded in 1985, with the aim of re-establishing a working Tennis Court in the West Country. Just over 10 years later this was achieved, and in autumn 1997 a new court at Abbots Leigh was opened for all those wishing to play this increasingly popular game.

The construction of the court was made possible by the assistance of several key supporters. National Lottery funding provided the financial support to enable the Club to complete construction in a single phase. The Club’s involvement with Clifton College meant that the court could be sited in an ideal location adjoining the College’s well-established playing fields, sports facilities and clubhouse. We hope that by having Real Tennis to complement their existing rackets, squash and fives courts, a unique combination for any school in the world, Clifton will produce many top class tennis players in the years to come.

The Club was opened by Prince Edward in 1998. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, thanks to a healthy and ever increasing pool of members, the management of the court, and the enthusiasm and dedication of the club professionals, who are responsible for day to day operations. The club membership has risen from 30 to approaching 200; if this is any guide, the Club’s future well-being is assured.